The simple definition of a Boilermaker is a skilled craftsman who fabricates, constructs, erects, and repairs vessels.


 The Union meeting that is scheduled for the month of September (9/12/2020) is currently CANCELLED until further notice, due to the concerns revolving around COVID-19.

As of September 8th (9/8/2020) the shop has been reopened for member use. Unfortunately, we have to employ some restrictions. Due to our ongoing concern with the health of our members, we are limiting shop occupancy to a 'scheduled' 8. If you would like to be scheduled to use the shop facilities, you must email:

Follow this link: COVID-19, for more information concerning precautions surrounding this current health threat.

Notice: Disaster Relief Fund.

Any Member who lost their home of has incurred serious damage to their homes/property as a result of the fires, should contact the local. The IBB has a disaster relief fund that helps depending on individual circumstances.