Boilermakers Local 549

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The simple definition of a Boilermaker is a skilled craftsman who fabricates, constructs, erects, and repairs vessels.


Local 549 will have extended shop hours thruout the month of January. Tues/Wed/Thurs of each week, the shop will remain open till 9pm.

Common Arc Testing will be held February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. From 7am to 5pm.

Our Local Union Meeting is scheduled for January 8th, (1/8/2022). It will be an outdoor event due to COVID concerns. Please be prepared for that eventuality while in attendance.

Brothers and Sisters, the SHOP IS OPEN! However, due to our ongoing concern with the health and welfare of our members, some occupancy restrictions remain in effect. If you have any questions or concearns, email:

Follow this link: COVID-19, for more information concerning precautions surrounding this current health threat.

Notice: Disaster Relief Fund.

Any Member who lost their home of has incurred serious damage to their homes/property as a result of the fires, should contact the local. The IBB has a disaster relief fund that helps depending on individual circumstances.

Notice: COVID-19 Funeral Assistance.

Any Member seeking information on assitance with funeral arrangement costs research the following link: