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Be a part of something larger than yourself. Joining a union is a proven strategy for getting the most out of your career. Boilermakers Local 549, based in Pittsburg, CA, is a union in the industrial construction field representing specialized craftsmen. By offering a quality apprenticeship program, we have remained one of the leading names in our industry. As a union, we are dedicated to standing up for workers’ rights and fair living wages for union members. Boilermaker Local 549 members are contracted in a wide variety of facilities and work sites that require high-pressure welding and calculated precision rigging. In places such as refineries, shipyards, fabrication shops, and power plants, including nuclear. Just to name a few. Contact us today to become a part of the brotherhood. We’re always seeking applicants with a mechanical mentality, welding skills, and creative mindset.

About Us

Boilermakers Local 549 was formed following the merger of Local 749 in Stockton and Local 513 in Richmond. This Locals' charter was established on October 28, 1983 -- and we have been thriving ever since. We are proud to be part of an international industrial brotherhood of craftsmen. The training we offer is the same from coast to coast, meaning all members are tested under the same parameters. Additionally, our dispatching system functions across the entire United States.

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Contact Boilermakers Local 549, a union based in Pittsburg, CA. We’re proud to offer an exceptional boilermaker apprenticeship program.


(925) 526-4162


2191 Piedmont Way
Pittsburg, CA 94565


Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Service Area
From the Oregon Border in the North to Santa Maria in the South, and East into Nevada